Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dave Lindahl Says Making Lot of Money With Little Investment

Making Lot of Money With Little Investment Says Dave Lindahl

Everyone knows that you can make a lot of money by investing in real estate. This could be the easiest way to become rich soon without risking your money or credit and some are already doing it. There are three methods to follow without risking your money.

The first method is to take over the debt load of the owners. Many house owners will have a huge load of debt and they will be ready to transfer their ownership just to get relieved of their burden. You can learn how to take over these deals by learning free courses related to real estate investing.

The second method is by wholesaling houses that need "rehab". These properties which are in a poor condition can be a gold mine. you never own a property but you can make around $10,000 on every sale. Just think of the profit you can generate if you wholesale 5 houses every month.

The third method is to option high end houses. In this method, you option a property for one price and using sales strategies you sell it for higher price. The buyer pays the amount, seller receives the money they want and you will get the difference.

You will only spend money for the marketing materials and option deposits but the profit you are going to receive will be huge.

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