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Dave Lindahl Says how to investing in real estate in your home town

Dave Lindahl Says how to investing in real estate in your home town

How To Investing in real estate in your Home town says by dave lindahl.
Goal Setting Say by dave lindahl
Dave lindahl says that the most successful people I know are all goal setters. They sit
down and vision where they want to be, decide how long they want it to
take them to get there, and write up a plan and stick to it until they have
reached their goal.
After they reach that goal, they set another, then another. If you
have ever wondered what it takes to be successful, this is one of the most
important -- if not the most important -- attributes of a successful person.
There is a famous study done about the graduating class of 1954
from Harvard University. If you haven’t already heard about it, I’m going
to tell you about the results. If you have heard about it, I’m going to go
over it again, because it is that important.

The students were interviewed in the mid 1980s and were asked,
among other things, if they consistently wrote down their goals. Only
three percent had made it a habit of writing down and reviewing their
goals. As it turned out, that three percent were far wealthier than the other
97 percent of the class. As a matter of fact, that three percent had obtained
87 percent of the wealth of that entire class had generated. Isn’t that
amazing?! That is the power of goal setting.
Dave lindahl says that fastest way to obtain anything that you want from life, whether
it is to drive a new car, acquire more money, buy more houses, or take
longer vacations, is to have written goals.

A goal will be written by dave lindahl. If it’s still in your head, it’s just a dream.
And while dreams are good, goals will make you wealthy.
When you write your dream (your vision) down on paper, it
instantly becomes a goal. A funny thing happens when you commit a goal
to writing. Your subconscious mind, as if on command, starts directing

dave lindahl says that have you ever read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean
Hill? If you haven’t you should. In the book, Hill talks about a “secret”
throughout the entire book. And he tells you that if you can figure out the
secret you can become richer than your wildest dreams. Well, the secret is
to believe from the bottom of your heart that you already are what you
want to be, and you will become it.
To give you an example of how this came about in my life, about
one year into my construction business, I decided that I was going to also
be a successful real estate investor. I envisioned myself owning many
pieces of real estate, I saw myself driving in a fine car and wearing a
business suit (because at that time I thought all successful real estate
investors wore suits). Little did I know!
Well I started wearing a two-piece suit into the office. The first day
my secretary asked me what the big occasion was. I told her that I’d
decided that this is the way that I was going to dress from now on when I
didn’t have to be on a job site. She thought I was crazy.
Well, I continued to change into a two-piece suit every time I went
into the office (the office was above my garage at my house!). And each
time I bought and sold another piece of property, I rewarded myself with
another suit.

dave lindahl says that next thing you know, I have a closet full of suits, a bank account
full of money and more properties than a monopoly board. All because I
lived my vision before I got there (my vision included more than just the
two piece suit…and I lived it all way before I got there).
You know what else is funny? When I went out in public wearing
that suit instead of jeans and a T-shirt, I was treated a whole lot
differently. People started calling me sir. Clerks were more pleasant, and
at a crowded counter I was usually one of the first to be waited on. My
credibility went sky high.
It got to the point that I realized that whenever someone was rude
to me or whenever I was treated badly or I was not taken seriously, I was
usually under dressed.

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