Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dave Lindahl says setting your financial goals in real estate investing

Dave Lindahl says setting your financial goals in real estate investing

Dave Lindahl - Setting your financial goals is very important in real estate business. You must have a specific target which you want to achieve within a certain period. Fix a target which you really want and not just something that sounds good. Instead of having your goal as you want more money, you can set that you want to earn $6000/month after one year. Be specific in what you want to achieve and hence you can work towards your target. Dream high, but, at the same time fix something that you can achieve. Earning $60,000/month after one year will need a miracle to happen whereas earning $6000/month would be realistic. Make your goal measurable and then it will be achievable. Instead of using negative terms, write your goal in a positive manner that you want to replace your current job with a better job instead of writing that you want to leave the present job. Fix a deadline which will separate your goals from your dreams. Break your long term goal in to short term goals, fix deadlines and plan accordingly. With each step forward, think if this activity will take you closer to your goals. Don't let others know your goals and avoid negative people around you because some might not like to see you succeed. At certain levels in your career, be prepared to review your goals and think if you are moving in the right path towards your goals.

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