Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to analyse the commercial real estate investments

How to analyse the commercial real estate investments

Dave Lindahl ask that do you know that buying an commercial real estate investments will be varying or something different than purchasing residential properties. Presently now or may be in future your cash will be derived from the commercial building shows that iy your property will be best investment or not.Generally,there are three commercial real estate investors that which will be with three different investments objectives. Every investor can be know and consider this.

Rehab Investors:
This kind of investor will be searching for property that is going down and is do not need to repairs. He like to buy the property land at low cost, resale the property and bring the property with low vacancy rate.

Investor who excellence in organization:
This investor will be purchase a property that presently has a decent occupancy rate and has small to no deferred maintenance.The currently owner is not executing the property at its full occupancy due to poor management.This investor should buy the property and increase the value by organizing the property better than ex-owner.

Purchase and Execute the property themselves:
This investor which will be purchase the property that presently has a high occupancy rate and has no maintenance. The investors analyse the trend in the market and will purchase when he knows rental rates are low.