Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nerissa Vento Reviews of David Lindahl

Nerissa Vento,

I am interested in buying commercial apartment buildings and have looked in David Lindahl’s program Apartment House Riches. I also see that it comes with a 90 day email mentor certificate where he personally answers your question via email. 

I am not able to see many reviews on this program so I wanted to see if anyone has bought and tried the program? Also is the 90 day mentor system really used meaning he does respond to your emails/calls and it helpful? He seems to have a lot going on so I wonder how well he is at responding to emails/phone calls with helpful info.

Also, eventually I would like to use investors and David Lindahl also has a Private Money Program. Has anyone successfully used that program?

If anyone has gone to any of his boot camps, please let me know how those are as well.

Overall, I am looking to get reviews and see what results people have had with David Lindahl’s programs.
I appreciate any info on him.

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