Friday, 19 September 2014

How to Make Money in Network Marketing – Dave Lindahl Ideas

Dave Lindahl Ideas:
Networking is about connecting. If you want to end up with new business, new connections, and new deals after attending networking events, you need to fully understand the right and wrong way to make strong, lasting business connections. 

You need to network to connect. The worst mistake you could possibly make is assuming that you are the highest priority, and your highest priority is also the highest priority of the person you're trying to do business with. This networking strategy will leave you with little more than a lot of useless business cards. 

Of course, networking is extremely important in the real estate business. In fact, networking is pivotal for starting and building working relationships. But when you get right down to it, networking can seem almost too self-serving-one person tries to make as many contacts as possible just so those contacts can do something for him or her.


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  2. Informative Indeed!!! A lot of people are discouraged in joining network marketing due to the idea that it really requires selling and marketing skills. There are a lot of reputable companies and aside from great products. They also provide amazing support, training and tools.